Monday, March 22, 2010

Macaroni Cheese

Both of my girls had MAJOR orthodontia work done today and their poor little mouths are so sore so it's homemade Macaroni Cheese to the rescue!!!! Wasn't I just talking about getting into my bikini??? oh well...... This recipe comes from my sister-in-law Esther. I believe it is her mother's recipe and oh, is it yummy!!! My kids love it. I also made it on Christmas Eve and it is a real crowd pleaser and a good alternative for those vegetarian guests. (I also served homemade lasagna with meat sauce).

My sister-in-law is British....this recipe calls for single cream but I can't find it. Of course, I have only looked at Kroger and Wal-Mart. Who has time to hit several stores? Anyway, I just use whipping cream and it is delicious and simple.....
Here it is....
Macaroni Cheese
2 TBL butter
2 TBL plain flour
2/3 C. milk
2 cartons single cream (237 ml each)
250 g extra tasty mature cheddar cheese (grated)
pasta (5 small hand fulls)
1 tomato (optional)
  1. Cook pasta in boiling water.
  2. In a sauce pan, melt butter and add the flour slowly
  3. Add the milk and single cream slowly, stirring all the time. Then add the cheddar cheese, but keep some for sprinkle.
  4. Mix the cook pasta and put in baking dish.
  5. Sprinkle the remaining grated cheese on to together with slice tomato.
  6. Cook in oven for about 25 minutes at 180 degrees celcius. (370 F.)

Thank you, Esther for serving us this while we were visiting in Singapore!! It is a new family favorite!


bridget {bake at 350} said...

You are making me so hungry!!! I'll gladly trade a bikini for this yumminess! :)

Mary said...

Gotta try it :) Sounds yummy !