Wednesday, March 10, 2010

(I hope) I ♥ New York.....

Tomorrow is my first trip as a NYC-based flight attendant. I am scheduled to go to Athens,, huh? Well, as I write this, I am patiently waiting to see what will happen there. I have been following the news and ATC workers are scheduled to strike tonight at midnight (that's 4pm cst) SO.........I am not sure if my flight is even going to depart tomorrow.

Transferring to the New York base was a giant leap of faith on my part. I am definitely out of my comfort zone.....but that's good, right? The commute will be long and hard but the schedule pay off is amazing.
Things I plan on doing on my new, MUCH longer and challenging commute:
  • sleep
  • study Rosetta Stone
  • read all those books in the bin under my bed
  • plan healthy meals for my family
  • make meaningless lists of things for me to do when I get home
  • get New York.....and be forced to go to a fabulous dinner & show with Lisa and Kristine
  • meet new friends who want to know what my "route" is.... (UGH!!!)

My two BFF's (who are WAY more laid back than me) will be joining me in May but tomorrow I am on my own. I don't even know where the lounge is.....YIKES!!!

So, wish me luck, say a prayer because tomorrow starts a new adventure for me !!


Mary said...

Good luck--hope everything goes well---it will be a nice change for you !!!

Mary said...

By the way your site looks really good !!!

bridget {bake at 350} said...

Look at you...blogging queen!!! Your blog does look really cool...I like that background.

I'm sure you will love NYC! Athens sounds amazing!!! The most exotic place I ever go is Austin! Can't wait to hear more!